James Morriss

The Guardian critic Oliver Wainwright created a list of 10 items highlighting this year’s best architecture, design books, and exhibitions. The list includes Fondazione Prada by OMA in Milan, Grayson Perry and FAT Architects' House on Essex, which he calls a "ceramic gingerbread house crossed with a Thai wat," and the Royal Institute of British Architects’ House of the Year. On the Flint House, Wainwright writes: “Its materials – roughly hewn boulders, raw flint nodules, crisply cut chalk blocks – exude an unusual sense of timeless magic, absent from so much flimsy contemporary architecture.” 

The list also includes a book about Soviet bus stops, which uncovered a world "embody[ing] a rich seam of experimental architecture," he says.

Find Wainwright's full list on The Guardian. And find fellow Guardian critic Rowan Moore’s list of the year’s best architecture here. Moore’s list also includes House for Essex and Fondazione Prada.

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