National Coast Guard Museum Association photo

Boston–based firm Payette unveiled its abstract plans for the Coast Guard Museum, a four-story building slated for the waterfront along New London, Conn. Architect Charles Klee, AIA, stressed at the unveiling that the plans are likely to change as the firm designs the building and works exclusively with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure a building that complies with the flood zone regulations of the area. The designs reveal a 70,000 to 80,000 square-foot building built on stilts with an entry way at least 13 feet above the water. The focal point for the exterior will be the waterfront side, which will have a glass facade to allow clear visibility of the water and ships passing by. This allows visitors to engage with activities on the water such as hands on simulators that control bridges and radio traffic, according to Klee. For more information, read the full story at

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