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London's Kings Cross has seen a number of renovations, including Bell Philips Architects' Gasholder No. 8, finished last month, and plans for the latest addition were recently approved.

Earlier in the year, London–based Heatherwick Studio unveiled plans for Coal Drop Yards, a shopping, bar, and restaurant destination. The plans, which convert existing structures originally used to store coal in the 1800s, and subsequently used for warehousing, include 100,000 square feet of shopping, eating and drinking, and event spaces. 

This month, Heatherwick Studio was given the green light to begin construction. The warehouses will soon be redesigned and extended, while keeping important historic fixtures and fittings. Sixty-five units of restaurants, bars, and cafes are expected, and a new public area sits at the heart of the complex. 

Construction is expected to being in early 2016, and Coal Drops Yard is scheduled to be ready for 2018.

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