In 2014, a masterwork by Glaswegian architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh burned to the ground. Mackintosh's 1909 Art Nouveau building at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland fell victim to an accidental blaze caused by an overhead projector igniting solvent in a student artwork. The fire spread quickly, destroying the school's famous library. Now, the building is set to be rebuilt to its original design beside a contemporary addition to the school (unscathed in the fire), which was designed by Steven Holl Architects and completed in 2014.

The Glasgow School of Art had solicited architects to propose solutions in the fire' aftermath, and shortlisted five submissions as being worthy of further consideration. Yet in the end, as Christopher Shea writes in the New York Times, the school has chosen to begin a faithful restoration to the building's original plans, with slight updates to its heating and fire protection systems—a decision that has stirred unfavorable reactions from some local architects.

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