SHoP Architects

New York–based SHoP Architects recently teamed up with nonprofit Kids of Kathmandu to rebuild 50 schools that were destroyed in the earthquake. 

The buildings  are assembled from a kit of readily available parts, creating a systematized way to construct on site. Each structure features solar power generation, water purification, and wireless internet, and can serve as shelters and community centers during future emergencies. 

SHoP Architects designed a single-story primary school and a two-story secondary school, both of which feature a library and kitchen facilities​. Compressed brick construction offers a cost-effect technique to cut down on transportation and material costs. Both designs are ideal for building on remote, mountainous sites. A concrete slab forms the base of the structure, and is topped with a steel truss roof. Large roof overhangs were added to provide a shaded gathering area. 

More information about the schools is available on Curbed

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