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Stockholm, a series of small islands, is dealing with an overpopulation problem. Because of its geographical make up, the Swedish capital has gotten creative with their housing developments. One proposal by local firm Anders Berensson Architects features buildings erected over a railway that leads to the city's central train station—a previously unusable space.

The firm's design also addresses the limited light the city receives by alternating tall buildings with smaller ones. A conventional high–rise development doesn't allow for the sun, which sits at a very slight angle, to reach the lower levels. But the architect's unconventional approach ensures that the sun reaches these areas for at least a part of each day. Several skywalks, or elevated pedestrian bridges, also connect some of the buildings to create a public park. This area is accessible to all residents, not just those who live in the buildings.

The Center Party, Sweden's opposition party, commissioned the design of the development, but so far there are no immediate plans to build. If the plans do come to fruition, it will not be until at least 2018.

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