The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has 36 period rooms in their collection, but how, exactly, did they get there? In an attempt to answer this question, curators from the museum narrate the history of several of the collected rooms.

The Worsham-Rockefeller Dressing Room, installed when the Met discovered an unused, interior fire stair had the exact proportions of the dressing room, demonstrates that pure luck might be a way to earn a spot in the met. Or, going broke might be the answer, which is how the the room from the Hart House, sold to the Met after the 1930s depression, was acquired.

Getting in trouble with the zoning board may lead the museum to buy your bedroom, as shown by the Met's purchase of the living room from the Little House. The Strauses, descendants of the founders of Macy's, donated the paneling of an unfinished home after the death of Mr. Straus left a distraught Mrs. Straus too devastated to live in the building. The paneling was used in the room from a hotel in the Cours d'Albret, demonstrating that, if all else fails, death may get your bedroom in the Met. 

For more ways to get your bedroom in the Met, visit Bloomberg.

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