The typical home that comes to mind when considering a Brooklyn neighborhood is usually a brownstone row house along a tree-lined block that makes up for the lack of green space allotted to each residence. But for areas that do not have a set architectural style mandated by an organization, there is more freedom to for homeowners when it comes to designing their exteriors, and a trending material that's come out of this is metal cladding.

Varying in choices in color and detail, corrugated metal and aluminum sheets are used as it's own aesthetic. Rather than attempt to mimic the nearby buildings, it sticks out in an environment that is more lenient in terms of creativity than most. 

Some of the benefits in going this route include the low costs of these materials, how energy efficient they are in the summer, and, depending on the type of metal, the low-maintenance. Others require a regularly applied coating.

To learn more about different residents who chose metal siding, go to The New York Times.

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