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92nd Street Y, a nonprofit cultural and community center in New York City, hosted a discussion earlier this month with four architects—Rick Cook, Bjarke Ingels, Annabelle Selldorf, and Richard Meier—about their predictions for the future of the metropolis' skyline.

The architects spoke to the current projects epitomizing the city and what's next for the ever-evolving New York City real estate market. The panelists all agreed that nature would start to play a larger role in future projects. As Meier noted, while "high-rise building is here to stay—it's going to continue to get taller," public outdoor space is usually a missing component, something he hopes will change. Similar comments were made by Selldorf, who craves a "better, more equal place for people," and wants to "create more dignified and more civilized space in our urban environment."

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