Pantone via Quartz

Pantone-inspired products include home goods, clothing, and even nail polish. Quartz design reporter Anne Quito writes about how the color system Pantone, designed as a way to specifically identify colors for professionals, came to be so popular. The system was invented in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, who created ink formulas for colors to create uniform results. A Pantone ad campaign in the 1980s led to the technical system entering the mainstream. Today, the company has 1,755 print colors and 2,310 for fashion, home furnishings and interiors colors. It also operates a Pantone Universe licensing program. The system has inspired projects from color wheels of Queen Elizabeth's clothing to smoothies. Even the design of the Pantone chip has become "a visual shortcut—if not a graphic cliché." Read Quito's complete article at Quartz.

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