New York State Governor's Office

Last week, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo made headlines pushing New Yorkers to "thing big" when it came to revitalizing Penn Station, which is in need of some serious renovations to keep up with the city's population growth. And while this task is an admirable one, and long overdue, The New York Times' architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman, says that what has been proposed by the governor's office doesn't make the cut.

As seen in the renderings, what it envisions is a flashy, glass façade for the entrance lobby and reconfiguring the adjacent James A. Farley Post Office into a hybrid shopping mall and ticketing area for Amtrak. This idea helps with bringing more light and air into the drafty, underground tunnels of Penn Station, and giving a new purpose to the mostly vacant post office, but it still pales in comparison to his aforementioned prompt to the people of New York. So, what is the big answer, and yet most appropriate, solution for this task? According to Kimmelman, it's moving Madison Square Garden. Sure, this may seem like too overbearing of a task, which a lot of critics have already voiced, but New York City has already overcame several feats in construction and infrastructure, such as Bryant Park, the World Trade Center, Grand Central Terminal and Columbus Circle, and several acres of waterfront. If anything is evident from these accomplishments, it's that New York can certainly handle this task. 

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