Americans and the Japanese go ga-ga over Frank Lloyd Wright designs, but the American architect also got some traction in Europe as well. In 2013, an English engineer by the name of Dr. Hugh Pratt, who has a particular fascination, almost had a chance to live in one of his last designs, and even petitioned to have it built. Alas, the residence, characterized by several concentric and intersecting circular forms, was rejected from being realized in the small town of Wraxall, England, on the count of it being too much of a distraction from the regional aesthetic and not innovative enough to see it through.

But we can still admire it in a digital sense. With the help of Archilogic, a firm that specializes in creating 3D models for architecture and real estate, design lovers can visit the site digitally, and tour the interiors of what could have been.

See more of the house on Curbed.

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