Since 2011, Google's Cultural Institute initiative has added more than 32,000 pieces of art from 150 various institutions around the world to its digital archive, giving users a digital experience they might not have been able to have otherwise. Along with art, the project also provide tours of some museums and galleries, used with the same tracking technology for their Street View feature. Such places include New York's Museum of Modern Art and London's Tate Gallery, and now the Guggenheim Museum is the latest addition for Google's touring repertoire.

Designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the iconic building is known for its spiraling interior staircase, and was designed during a time when the already successful designer was experimenting circular forms in the latter part of his career. To capture the feeling of this site was a challenge. According to the engineers behind it, it took a fleet of drones, tripod, and street-level strolley cameras, which were then stitched together to achieve the 360-degree view.

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