The shifting Sharifi-ha House in Tehran, Iran, was designed by local firm Next Office to include three rotating blocks that turn 90 degrees and transform the facade of the home.

Thanks to extreme temperatures in the Iranian capital, traditional homes of the region incorporate an airy living room for summer and a separate, smaller living room for winter. The residence takes a more novel approach with its three pivoting blocks. In "open" mode, the windowed ends of the blocks are pointed towards the sun, creating a terrace on each floor. During the winter months, the house turns to "closed" mode to hide the windows and keep the living spaces warm. 

The turning mechanism for the blocks were adapted from those used in theaters or platforms in car showrooms. The biggest challenge was creating the rooms to turn on demand, leading the architects to redesign the interior handrails to fold as the rooms rotated.

The seven-floor townhouse includes a swimming pool, cinema, and fitness facilities housed in the two basement floors. The communal areas comprise the top four floors, situated above a ground floor garage space and living quarters for a housekeeper. The two lowest moving blocks contain a breakfast room and guest bedroom, while the upper block will be an office.

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