A recent University of Warwick study suggests that scenery, not just greenery, is an important element in a positive environment.

The study used 212,000 pictures of Britain to determine which types of landscapes offer the biggest boost in health and happiness levels. Participants were asked to rate  the "scenicness" of the photos, and compared the ratings to how residents in those areas felt about their health. After analyzing the results, the researchers concluded that areas rated as most scenic and uplifting were often not green areas. The findings also suggest that the cohesion of architecture and design, not just the number of parks and trees, has a huge impact on people's health and happiness.

Further, while previous research stated that those living in green areas live longer and are happier, the University of Warwick research found that the most scenic images contained large proportions of gray, brown, and blue. 

Read more about the study on The Telegraph. 

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