Revisit the "glittering world of technicolor harmonies" in this short film from British manufacturer Sanderson Wallpapers. While today's wallcoverings aim to blend in, it wasn't all that long ago when clients intentionally matched their colorful—if garish by today's standards—wallpaper with their upholstery and curtains. This short video from 1968 was shot at a factory outside of London and follows the production process with lyrical measure, moving the viewer from etching patterns in wood blocks to fabricating the matching textiles, all while pointing out the many instances in which "modernity pokes its ugly but useful head" in this artisan process. Complete with cheeky quips and bold prints, it's a credit to "those ever-whirring machines," the film's narrator explains, "that interior decorating has come a long way since father first papered the parlor."

Watch the video here.

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