Courtesy of the University of Minnesota

Continuing her series on the changes in the suburban region of Minneapolis-Saint Paul region of Minnesota for CityLab, an offshoot of The Atlantic, Amanda Kolson Hurley interviews civil rights lawyer Myron Orfield, who directs the Institute for Metropolitan Opportunity at the University of Minnesota. (Orfield has also been a state legislator, professor, and author of books on regional governance and suburban development.) While racially diverse suburbs are more common than many people realize, says Orfield, many of them exist in a very fragile state and many have become resegregated over the past few decades as white flight has ramped back up after a period of integration. Orfield is looking into why this is happening, and especially what aspects of certain cities and certain policies (like those in the Minneapolis area) are amplifying the problem whereas other communities like Portland and Seattle are having more luck keeping communities multiracial and diverse.

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