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New York City and Portland, Ore., will soon begin construction on environmentally friendly, mass timber high-rises. 

New York's 475 West 18th Street, a project of New York-based 130-134 Holdings, in partnership with Spiritos Properties, Arup, and ShoP Architecture, will include 10 stories of residential units, and will be the city's first use of mass timber systems. Construction is projected to begin in 2016.

Portland's Framework, designed by Oregon-based Lever Architecture is a mixed-used development, with spaces for offices, retail, and affordable housing. The building is constructed primarily from cross-laminated timber (CLT), making it the first of its kind.

Prefabricated CLT presents many advantages over concrete. The material, much lighter than concrete, can go up easier, faster, and quieter. Its off-site construction leads to shortened construction cycles and less environmental impact. The finished structure emits far less carbon dioxide than its counterpart, and the wood's flexibility can better withstand seismic activity. 

Construction on Framework is expected to begin Oct. 2016, and the the team hopes the building becomes a trailblazer for more CLT structures in Portland and beyond. 

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