2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Furniture

The Dutch Standard's wooden Moon chair added a little 2001: A Space Odyssey to the burgeoning new Salone neighborhood called Ventura Lambrate. thedutchstandard.com

Following up on her lauded wood-veneer textile, Eliza Strozyk (with artist Sebastian Neeb) dressed the Accordion Cabinet in garmentlike wooden knife pleats. elisastrozyk.de

At the "Nouvelle Vague" exhibition, Parisian studio A A Cooren's Yabané dresser featured rounded corners and long, shinglelike, two-direction drawers. aplusacooren.com

Hanna Emilie Ernsting's Moody couch for Kkaarrll's wears upholstery several sizes too big for it, inviting users to snuggle up. kkaarrlls.com

Marsotto Edizioni's third collection makes marble look featherweight and includes pieces by James Irvine, Alberto Meda, Naoto Fukasawa, Maddalena Casadei, and Joel Berg. marsotto-edizioni.com

Like its namesake, the Haiku Sofa by architects Stine Gam of Denmark and Enrico Fratesi of Italy is compact and evocative, if not quite poetry. gamfratesi.com

Mechanical engineer-turned-designer Yuya Ushida's XXXX_sofa comprises eight injection-molded recycled PET components, which when snapped together, can also form a table and bench, and a stool that telescopes into itself for easy porting. yuyavsdesign.com, ahrend.com

Dutch designer Lambert Kamps continued to develop his felted Fat Furniture series, addressing the West’s increasing obesity, with cartoonish seating and even a big-boned stepladder. lambertkamps.com

Designed by Amsterdam-based Daan Mulder, the Form Follows Function sofa was inspired by liquid and organic forms and made from three 1.5mm steel sheets. daanmulder.eu

In Ventura Lambrate's Light Space warehouse, Dutch designer Nic Roex demonstrated a new use for the spade with De Batsenkruk, transforming the spade from a work tool into a tool for relaxation. nicroex.com

Werner Aisslinger’s Hemp Chair may be the world’s first heat-molded natural fiber monochair and has given the sustainable material new life—in an aesthetically sustainable way. www.aisslinger.de

Moustache showed Matali Crasset’s trestle-based Instant chairs and table, Inga Sempé’s puffy pleated Tyvek cloud lights and Bertjan Pot's luminaires inspired by photo equipment. moustache.fr, matalicrasset.com, ingasempe.fr, bertjanpot.nl

Pedrali's polyethylene rotational-molded indoor-outdoor Plus seating by Alessandro Busana includes the Plus Air lounger and the Plus Divanetto, whose large drain holes double as handles for easy carrying. www.pedrali.it

For softness that never gets slouchy, Allure seating by Pedrali Lab for Pedrali features low-slung seats and tapered legs. www.pedrali.it

At the fairgrounds, Morning Dew armchairs by Kati Meyer-Brühl for Brühl recalled a calyx but are available in a rather manmade red-check pattern. bruehl.com

Antonio Citterio designed Grand Repos, with two sitting positions, and Panchina, an upholstered bench that serves as a stand-alone seat or matching ottoman for Vitra. www.vitra.com, antoniocitterioandpartners.it

With the Jill collection, Alfredo Häberli reexamines the limits of laminated wood-shaping technology, twisting the laminated sheets like a ribbon until they meet in the seat. www.vitra.com, alfredohaberli.com

Konstantin Grcic's latest experiment for Vitra, a swivel armchair called Waver, is a visual departure from the Munich-based designer’s past work and takes its cues from windsurfing and paragliding equipment. www.vitra.com, konstantin-grcic.com

The stackable Tip Ton chair by Brits Edward Barber & Jay Ogersby for Vitra, though not a rocker of great amplitude, can be tipped forward by gently shifting one’s weight, movement that is believed to increase the flow of oxygen through the body. www.vitra.com, www.barberosgerby.com

A rotational molded chair, Ravioli was created by London-based, Israeli-born Ron Arad for Magis. www.magisdesign.it, www.ronarad.com

Brikolör, a four-man Swedish studio emphasizing self-produced, supremely well-crafted legacy furniture, built Bägar, a modular, tricolor glass shelving system, in cheerful shades of pink or tony, transparent grays. www.brikolor.com

In the Baroque 17th-century Palazzo Durini, Nilufar Gallery furnished the heavily frescoed interior with work by Patricia Urquiola: spindle back chairs, boxy desks and wall "drawings" made by running one's hands over a sequined fabric by Jakob Schlaepfer. patriciaurquiola.com, www.nilufar.com

Work by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola was all over the Milan map this year, including the comfy-chic Husk easy chair for B&B Italia. bebitalia.it, patriciaurquiola.com

Dilmos Gallery's best show in years showcased, among other things, the PlaidBench Collection, for which London-based Raw Edges Design Studio deconstructed and recomposed the archetypal public bench. raw-edges.com, www.dilmos.com

At the "Nouvelle Vague" show, Pool’s prototype Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir (Remember That You Will Die) reinterprets the ubiquitous monobloc garden chair as a symbol of vanity and mortality. poolhouse.eu

A vanity table from the M-Collection designed by van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe of Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe for the renovation of the Muziekgebouw concert hall in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. www.ons-adres.nl

A loveseat that is a part of the M-Collection furniture series developed by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe of Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe during the redesign of the Muziekgebouw concert hall in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. www.ons-adres.nl

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