2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Installations and Exhibits

Vogelstad ("Bird City") is avian architecture modeled on a circuit board by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Eveline Visser who scaled each of the 33 nesting boxes for a different species. studio1op1.nl, evelinevisser.com

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem's industrial design presentation included Tlalit Segal Raayoni’s wood-scrap sculptures, Noam Tabenkin’s Frankenstein-ed Furniture Hospital and Itay Laniado’s collapsible oak ladder trussed with a ratchet strap. bezalel.ac.il/en

Student work on show in the Netherlands' Academy of Fine Art Maastricht booth included a steel and leather horse silhouette by Fabian Von Spreckelsen that rocks as if trotting and black seamed lights. fabianvonspreckelsen.com

Made in Berlin's "Poetry Happens" show included ceramic lamps by Barcelonan's Apparatu and Berlin's Mashallah who designed them in a collaboration that took place entirely by fax machine. apparatu.com

In a handbag showroom located in a Baroque 17th-century Milanese palazzo, Nilufar Gallery juxtaposed the ornate interior with branching floor and ceiling lights by London-based Michael Anastassiades. michaelanastassiades.com, www.nilufar.com

In an unlikely fashion-accessories showroom situated in a 17th-century palace, Nilufar Gallery matched the exquisite vintage interior with a pixelated resin console by Argentine Estudio Núcleo. estudionucleo.com, www.nilufar.com

Designers salvaged cardboard tubes, wood scraps, crates, and pallets to populate the "Discover Human Cities" installation by Esterni with improvised rocking horses and chairs, chaise lounges, a café, and vista points that turned surrounding construction sites from annoyances into good views. esterni.org

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