2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Lighting

Blackbody is pushing the flat-panel lighting envelope with its OLED designs. Its Fiera stand showcased an illuminated dress and these bristling OLED chandeliers called The Big Bang. www.blackbody-oled.com

Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen's Kelvin LED Green Mode for Flos senses the amount of energy required and, at a touch, provides no less and no more. www.flos.com, antoniocitterioandpartners.it

Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen teamed up to create the angle-poise Kelvin LED lamp for Flos. www.flos.com, antoniocitterioandpartners.it

Tron much? Only the seams of the oversized spherical Gice lamp by Dutch Standard reveal the source of its illumination. thedutchstandard.com

Omer Arbel, creative director for Canadian company Bocci, showed his spherical refined industrial glass 14 pendant light in Milan's Ventura Lambrate district. bocci.ca, omerarbel.com

Work by Davide Bianchi, including his Lux chandelier, which is composed of 61 upside-down crucifixes, was on show in a warehouse in Ventura Lambrate. davidebianchi.com

Helsinki-based Tuuka Halonen, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, exhibited slotted wooden pendant lamps that were one of the more graphical collections on show in the Designersblock exhibition. tuukkahalonen.com

The aptly named LINE floor lamp by Tokyo designer Chicako Ibaraki picked up on the super-linear lighting trend of recent years. www.chicakoibaraki.com

London-based Michael Anastassiades, who has brought nakedly linear lighting to the fore in recent years, did brisk business out of his Euroluce booth this year. www.michaelanastassiades.com

A flexible red OLED strip light called Éclat, inspired by ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement will become one of the luminaires of Blackbody's range of OLED luminaires. www.blackbody-oled.com

The dimmable Campiello chandelier by Mauro Bertoldini for the Bertoldini Group has six pendant lights that seem to grow upward like a crystal-and-chrome plant. bertoldinigroup.com

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