Above the Lot

In Santa Monica, Calif., Brooks Scarpa renovated eight parking garages surrounding the Third Street Promenade, a popular shopping, restaurant, and entertainment district. To improve the pedestrian experience, the firm left large expanses of the façade open for art and cultural installations, including Cradle by design and fabrication studio Ball-Nogues.

The Santa Monica parking garages by Brooks Scarpa.

Clarke Caton Hintz specified extensive glazing and precast construction for the 3,400-space Terminal C Parking Garage to strengthen its aesthetic connection to Newak Liberty International Airport.

The extensive use of glass allows pedestrians to stay engaged with the airport's activities.

Designed by Clarke Caton Hintz, the Ruppert Plaza Garage in New York blends into the surrounding environment and hosts the Macombs Dam Park on its roof. Pedestrian bridges built over a berm connect the park with the neighboring Heritage Park.

Bridges and ramps help pedestrians navigate the elevation changes between the parks and the stadium.

The Ruppert Plaza Garage from the street level.

The brick veneer on the precast spandrels are finished in four hues of green to help the structure complement the natural environment.

For the 40-space, automated vehicle storage system at One York, a residential building in New York by Ten Arquitectos, Park Plus installed a palletless comb exchange that can convey a car from its parking space to its driver within a minute.

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