American Academy in Rome: Rome Prize

Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller of Agency Architecture.

2010 Rome Prize winners Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller of Agency created the project Hackable Infrastructures: Inhabiting the Margins of Contemporary Rome while at the American Academy. The project looks at marginal and informal settlements around the city. This map shows the strategic sites they investigated.

Mapping data, such as where squatters live in the urban fabric, gave the Agency team a way to target a population that is usually invisible to governments and planners.

Kripa and Mueller used photography to document existing conditions around Romes ill-defined urban edge.

Agency reached out to local architects, community advocates, city officials, and urban planners with the hope of developing participatory design strategies.

Agency’s Super Levee Urban Farm from 2010 looks at the role of infrastructure in light of future climate change. As sea levels are expected to rise, their design proposes a series of levees around Manhattan.

Each levee protects the waterfront with a system of ecological improvements: fish farms, marshes, and dune habitats.

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