Architect Presents: A Gift Guide for Environmentalists

There’s no better way to commune with nature than via this American classic, a bird call invented in 1947 by Connecticut farmer and politician Roger Eddy. • $6.50,

A bike so green you can practically eat it. The frame is made of smoked and heated bamboo with hemp lugs, and can be configured for use as a road, mountain, or cyclocross bike. • $2,995,

Fill them with leaves and let them sit for a year. You’ll be left with a pile of rich compost. Two bags per order. • $10,

While not the thing for a vegan, this simple card case is nonetheless made with the environment in mind, using leather upcycled from vintage sofas. The inside and outside are different colors. • $38,

A scented candle in a compostable holder that is literally grown, using agriculture waste and the reproductive process of a mushroom. • $32,

Guerilla gardeners will love this six-pack of environmental “weapons,” each made of compost, clay, and 500 annual and perennial seeds. Comes in 6 regionally appropriate mixes, for tossing into a vacant lot near you. • $7.90,

A 1997 landmark of green industrial design, by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden, this carafe is part of the Transglass series of vases and barware made from repurposed wine bottles. • $40-45,

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