Art Basel Miami and Design Miami

Buckminster Fuller and Norman Foster Photography: Getty Images Design Miami As part of a Design Miami satellite exhibition called “Architecting the Future,” British architect Norman Foster restored both Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome and his famous omnidirectional, jump-jet car, the Dymaxion.

Erwin Redl Design Miami In this psychedelic composition by Austrian artist Erwin Rdel, 16 disks dangle from the ceiling, each displaying a cluster of Swarovski crystals. Light from floating LEDs reflects and refracts off the jewels, creating an aesthetic somewhere between high art and discotheque.

Dan Flavin Art Basel Miami Minimalist American artist Dan Flavin created made this homage to French modernist Piet Mondrian with red, yellow, and blue fluorescent lights.

Carlos Garaicoa Art Basel Miami Conceptual Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa creates miniature cities out of architecture books.

David Adjaye Design Miami London-based, Tanzanian-born architect David Adjaye, FAIA, designed a gazebo—fitted with windows, a door, seating and a skylight—that bridges the divide between architecture and furniture. Design Miami, a sister exhibition to Art Basel Miami, named Adjaye its 2011 Designer of the Year, and, as part of the honor, commissioned the piece as the entrance to the exhibition.

 Jeff Zimmerman Design Miami Brooklyn artist Jeff Zimmerman hand blows each glass bulb on his illuminated vines.

Daniel Libeskind Art Basel Miami Working with Swiss lighting company Zumtobel, architect Daniel Libeskind, FAIA, created a severely angled, 9-foot-tall steel chandelier fitted with 1,680 LEDs. The lights’ looping display recreates the entire 14-billion-year history of the cosmos in 14 seconds—an effect dictated by an algorithm developed by Libeskind’s son, the astrophysicist Noam Libeskind. Speaking of his creation, Daniel Libeskind said, “The perfect luminaire should behave like light itself.” 

Yves Behar Art Basel Miami To benefit cancer research, design studio Luminaire and Paris-based design magazine Intramuros co-hosted the “DesignLove” exhibition, in which 96 designers were commissioned to fashion a work of art from one piece of DuPont Corian Designer White solid surface. Participants included Jean Nouvel, FAIA, Ingo Maurer, Philippe Starck, and Yves Behar, whose submission is shown above.

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