Award: Green-Zip Tape

Founder W. Frank Little Jr. is an architect who studied under E. Fay Jones and practiced at Gensler. But it was a master's degree in architectural tax law that was the key to his invention of demountable drywall tape. He discovered that if drywall is removable and reusable, there is a tax benefit that is worth up to 25 percent of the total cost of the material.

Joint compound—the material placed over the tape to seal the joint—hardens as it cures, causing many tapes to rip if pulled off after installation. Green-Zip Tape is installed using the same process, but its woven backing allows it to remain intact when pulled off, allowing drywall to be demounted.

Placing metal studs

Applying Green-Zip Tape

Covering tape with joint compund.

Completed wall installation

Green-Zip Tape end remains exposed.

Removing Green-Sip Tape for Demounting Partition.

Removing connecting screws.

Demounting drywall for reinstallation elsewhere.

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