The courtyard-facing walls of the housing blocks are clad in concrete board panels painted with a pixelated image of a treescape.

The architects started their planning by filling the site, drawing their inspiration from big box stores.

They then cut out a central courtyard around which the housing units are arranged.

The donut shape was divided into six irregularly sized housing blocks, with a series of pathways allowing passage through the housing complex.

The courtyard is filled in with a bioswale that provides botht he ecological effect of filtering stormwater runoff before reutrning it to the water table and the urban effect of creating a public green space that is accessible to residents of the complex and the surrounding neighborhood.

The complex has 24 housing units with 10 configurations, ranging in size from 660 to 1,195 square feet. The structural and mechanical composition of each unit is determined by a modular system of 4-foot-wide hollow concrete slabs.

The architects treat the courtyard as a bioswale, with plants and trees that create an ecosystem to filter stormwater runoff before it seeps back into the groundwater.

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