Bond Tower

The signature feature of the 11-story Bond Tower in Winnipeg is its long, thin floor plate. Confined to standard setbacks at the base, the upper levels cantilever out 15 feet over each short end, creating a bar that is perforated by inset windows on the narrow north and south ends and voids that allow daylight and fresh air to penetrate the space on the longer east and west façades.

Located just outside the city center, the site of the Bond Tower allows the developers to offer high-end office space at a slightly reduced rate.



Diagram of voids

Sectional Diagram Showing Stairs

Floor Plans

To create public spaces and to bring light and air into the building core, the tower is perforated by five open-air voids that are accessible to building tenants. These apertures are angled to accommodate interfloor stairs and feature seating areas and gathering spaces.

View from interior through to void


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