Chicago Condos

1. 156 West Superior The Miller/Hull Partnership 2. 550 North St. Clair Brininstool Lynch, Architects 3. The Legacy at Millennium Park Solomon Cordwell Buenz 4. 30 West Oak Booth/Hansen Associates 5. Aqua Studio/Gang/Architects 6. 600 North Fairbanks Murphy/Jahn Architects 7. Fordham Spire Santiago Calatrava SA 8. Culver House Dirk Denison Architects

156 West Superior, The Miller/Hull Partnership, Seattle, Wash. Miller/Hull's first building in Chicago is the only one in this portfolio to utilize a steel-frame structure. Commercial glazing systems and metal-slat screens enhance the industrial character of a design that the architects characterize as an “irreducible living machine.” Associated Architect: Studio Dwell Architects - Primary Contractor: Skender Construction Co. - Developer: Ranquist Development - Financing: Withheld by owner - Construction Cost: Withheld by owner - Status: Completed July 2006 - Total Dwelling Units: 11; One-Bedroom: 3; Two-Bedroom: 7; Three-Bedroom: 1 - Number of Floors: 9 - Gross SF: 26,000 square feet - Structure: Steel frame and CMU - Amenities: Arclinea kitchens, private decks, media rooms

550 North St. Clair, Brininstool Lynch, Architects. This structure sports a contemporary aesthetic that's the specialty of architect David Brininstool and his partner, Brad Lynch. Most apartment plans use interior glazing and eschew traditional hung doors for sliding panels to create more open, modern layouts—a quality that the building's marketers are deliberately highlighting. Primary Contractor: Linn-Mathes Inc. - Developer: Sutherland Pearsall Development Corp. - Financing: Private - Construction Cost: $42 million - Status: Due for completion summer 2007 - Total Dwelling Units: 112; Studio: 18; One-Bedroom: 26; Two-Bedroom: 36; Three-Bedroom: 24; Other: 8 penthouses, each with 3 or more bedrooms - Number of Floors: 26 - Total Height: 296 feet - Gross SF: 224,000 square feet - Structure: Post-tension, cast-in-place concrete - Amenities: Indoor pool, fitness center, garden

The Legacy at Millennium Park, Solomon Cordwell Buenz. The Legacy at Millennium Park will have extraordinary views of the park, but it's a block away—so the “at” designation seems to be a bit of the marketer's artful ploy. Rooftop gardens are situated atop four existing structures, which will house parking, retail, and School of the Art Institute facilities. Primary Contractor: Walsh Construction - Developer: Joint Venture: Mesa Development and Walsh Investors - Financing: La Salle Bank - Construction Cost: $225 million - Status: Due for completion late summer 2009 - Total Dwelling Units: 355; One-Bedroom: 27; Two-Bedroom: 199; Three-Bedroom: 112; Four-Bedroom: 17 - Number of Floors: 72 - Gross SF: 1,050,000 square feet (589,000 square feet net sellable residential) - Structure: Concrete structure with curtain wall exterior cladding - Amenities: Balconies, resident parking, lap pool, gardens

The Legacy at Millennium Park, Solomon Cordwell Buenz

30 West Oak, Booth/Hansen Associates. Square buildings are no longer de rigueur. Booth split 30 West Oak into two opposing volumes: a slightly canted concrete structure to the north and a gracefully curving glass lozenge to the south. Large living spaces occupy the glazed volume, while smaller, more-private rooms fill the concrete portion. Primary Contractor: Smithfield Construction Group - Developer: Smithfield Properties - Financing: Withheld by owner - Construction Cost: Withheld by owner - Status: Completed October 2006 - Total Dwelling Units: 46; One-Bedroom: 4; Two-Bedroom: 12; Three-Bedroom: 23; Four-Bedroom: 6 - Number of Floors: 24 - Gross SF: 169,000 square feet - Structure: Concrete - Amenities: Two rooftop terraces, exercise room

30 West Oak, Booth/Hansen Associates.

Aqua, Studio/Gang/Architects. While cast-in-place concrete has long been the norm for high-rise apartment construction in Chicago, no one since Bertrand Goldberg (with his iconic Marina City) has explored the sculptural possibilities inherent in the material. Jeanne Gang's Aqua promises a new take on the box, using computer and GPS technologies to form more than 80 floors of undulating slabs. Associated Architect: Loewenberg Associates - Primary Contractor: McHugh Construction - Developer: Magellan Development Group - Financing: TBD - Construction Cost: $300 million - Status: Due for completion summer 2008 - Total Dwelling Units: Hotel: 210; Condo: 234; Studio: 12; One-Bedroom: 46; Two-Bedroom: 44; Three-Bedroom: 44; Three-Bedroom Duplex: 4; Penthouse: 2; Rental: 476; Convertible: 30; One-Bedroom Den: 36; Two-Bedroom Den: 18; Three-Bedroom Den: 4 - Number of Floors: 81- Gross SF: 1,750,000 square feet - Structure: Reinforced, cast-in-place concrete - Amenities: Indoor and outdoor pools, library, coffee bar, roof gardens

600 North Fairbanks, Murphy/Jahn Architects. Helmut Jahn's first commercially developed residential structure in Chicago is being marketed closely with his globetrotting persona; promotional materials for 600 North Fairbanks use “Helmut Jahn Architect” rather than the corporately correct “Murphy/Jahn.” Primary Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease - Developer: Schatz Development - Financing: Fremont Investment & Loan - Construction: Cost Withheld by owner - Status: Due for completion March 2008 - Total Dwelling Units: 227; One-Bedroom: 118; Two-Bedroom: 77; Three-Bedroom: 32 - Number of Floors: 41 - Gross SF: 452,277 square feet - Structure: Reinforced concrete - Amenities: Balconies, swimming pool, media/party room, landscaped roof deck

Fordham Spire, Santiago Calatrava SA. The 1,450-foot-tall Sears Tower capped Chicago's skyline in 1974. Since then, many have proposed taller, but none have succeeded. Local developer Chris Carley announced Santiago Calatrava's design for a 2,000-foot tower in July 2005, but Carley sold the site to an Irish developer a year later. The new owner has indicated interest in building the Spanish architect's design, but many technical details remain undeveloped, and the gradual slowing of the city's real estate market suggests that Chicago's legacy of unbuilt tall towers may gain another entry. Associate Architect: DeStefano Partners - Primary Contractor: Undetermined - Developer: Design produced for The Fordham Co. Ownership of site transferred to Shelbourne Development Ltd. - Financing: Shelbourne Group; Anglo Irish Bank - Construction Cost: $1.2 billion - Status: Proposed (predicted spring 2007–2010) - Units: 300 ( 150 hotel rooms) - Number of Floors: 124 - Gross SF: Undetermined - Structure: Undetermined - Amenities: Undetermined

Culver House, Dirk Denison Architects. East Elevation: The east façade of Culver House faces Washington Square, one of Chicago's oldest parks and the center of a city landmark district. Architect and developer Dirk Denison (see Q&A) weaves green terraces and trees throughout the glassy façades of his six-story Culver House to enhance each apartment's living spaces and to represent the ecologically sensitive nature of his project's conception. Denison is selling the apartments with design services that customize each unit to the individual buyer's needs. Primary Contractor: Undetermined - Developer: Culver House - Financing: Withheld by owner - Construction Cost: Withheld by owner - Status: Undetermined - Expected Opening: Undetermined - Total Units: 8; One-Bedroom: 1; Two-Bedroom: 3; Three-Bedroom: 3; Four-Bedroom: 1- Number of Floors: 6- Gross SF: 27,100 square feet - Structure: Concrete - Amenities: Undetermined

Culver House, Dirk Denison Architects. Roof Garden: Denison designed the building's perimeter as an interlocking sequence of roof gardens, terraces, and sunrooms.

Culver House, Dirk Denison Architects. Interior: The interior layouts and finishes derive from Denison's extensive experience as an architect of high-end houses.

Culver House, Dirk Denison Architects. Buffer Zones: Sunrooms serve as a thermal barrier between apartment interiors and Chicago's extreme climate.

Culver House, Dirk Denison Architects. Buffer Zones: Sunrooms serve as a thermal barrier between apartment interiors and Chicago's extreme climate.

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