EMS 27

EMS 27 in Bronx, N.Y., designed by WXY Architecture Urban Design.

Located in the Woodlawn neighborhood of the Bronx, EMS Station 27 serves as a base for emergency-services personnel to check in before shifts, and to restock their vehicles.

Sited between an auto-body shop and a scrapyard, the team at WXY Architecture Urban Design strove to make each of the façades different and appropriate for the context, which ranges from a busy thoroughfare on the south side to a quiet neighborhood street on the north.

Façade study

234th Street façade

Serving the diverse needs of the EMS workers in a tight program meant creating a series of high-traffic and often multifunctional spaces. The vehicle bay houses ambulances, and other emergency vehicles, as well as store rooms where EMTs can resupply after a call.

The second-floor Lieutenant’s office serves as a command center and allows (via an internal window) for oversight of the vehicle bay on the ground floor.

The building’s largely quiet color palette is broken up by a vivid orange internal stair that serves all levels.

At the penthouse level, a landing offers access to the training room (which doubles as a dining room and boasts a kitchen) and an outdoor terrace beyond.

Section diagram

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