Enzo Ferrari Museum

The vivid yellow shell of the new Enzo Ferrari Museum is made from 5,000 extruded aluminum pieces, fitted together with tongue-and-groove joinery by shipbuilders—the same way one would assemble the hull of a ship. The shell is pierced by 10 fins to create computer-controlled skylights that vent warm air during the day.

Café tables sit along the curving glazed curtainwall.

Forked columns meet the roof at the glazed eastern end of the building

The yellow of the building exterior reappears inside on the volumes that enclose ticketing and restrooms.

Inside, the ceiling plane is far less brightly hued that the vivid exterior: White PVC fabric is stretched taut over web trusses, akin to the ceiling of a car.

The exhibit floor slopes down more than 16 feet, and specially designed stands elevate the cars 1.6 feet above the ground.

Cars showcased in the exhibition area.

Each car sits on a custom-designed podium, allowing it to hover over the ground plane.

Inside the Ferrari House next door to the new Future Systems building is a double-height exhibit space designed by one of the firm’s former associates, Andrea Morgante of Shiro Studio.

A finned structure houses projectors for multimedia displays.

The fins incorporate photographs of Ferrari, as well as relics such as notebooks and vintage brochures.

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