Fennell Purifoy's Birdeye Cemetery

The Committal Shelter overlooks a landscaped wetlands.

The Welcome Center is on the western edge of the cemetery, forming an arc with views over the grounds.

Overall site plan for Birdeye Cemetery.

Plan of the Committal Shelter.

Plan for the Welcome Center.

The Committal Shelter offers seating for up to 20 people, with standing room for up to 50 more, for solemn interment services.

Glue-laminated superstructures rest on wood columns on the south side, while a board-formed concrete bearing wall offers privacy.

The board-formed concrete bearing wall shields also serves as a barrier from the nearby driveway.

Three smaller roof sections make up the overall roof for the Committal Shelter, each consisting of tongue-and-groove decking covered by standing seam metal roofing.

The back side of the Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center interior offers views of the surrounding landscaped cemetery.

An interior of the Welcome Center.

Details increase through the Welcome Center building, with livelier spaces deeper within the structure.

The Welcome Center's exterior consists of two types of exterior walls - the board-formed concrete, and this prefinished bronze-colored metal standing-seam siding over gypsum sheathing.

The Welcome Center is organized around its central entrance canopy (shown at right).

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