Five Principles for Greenwich South

At the charrette, Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis proposed an “urban sponge” atop the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Part sculpture, part infrastructure, the structure cleans the air using a combination of plants and wind turbines. It would be crisscrossed by pedestrian walkways so that area residents could enjoy the verdant space.

Principle 1: Reconnect Greenwich Street

Principle 2: Connect East and West

Principle 3: Build for Density, Design for People

Principle 5: Enourage an Intense Mix of Uses

Principle 4: Create a Reason to Come and a Reason to Stay

Open, a New York–based graphic design studio, proposes a districtwide wayfinding system. Using a typographic approach, these signs not only can provide directions but also tidbits about the area’s history and what is coming up around the corner, giving the area a cohesive visual identity.

A scheme by Architecture Research Office covers the approach to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel with a public market hall—with a louvered roof for passive lighting and cooling—where local farmers can sell their wares. This market hall is connected to a green space and a public plaza, creating three separate-yet-connected spaces that will encourage tourists and residents to spend more time in Lower Manhattan.

Morphosis’ approach is to sculpt the land and texture of the urban fabric, starting with the area above the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. The goal is to create a lush green space that connects with Battery Park, extending the park into the city and reworking the street connections to increase neighborhood connectivity.

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