Hamilton Farmers Market and Central Public Library

Images of books both opened and closed were abstracted into a frit pattern that, combined with color-changing LEDs, creates a vibrant new façade for the existing Neo-Brutalist structure. The primary entrance to the farmers market (seen here) is on the northeast corner.

View from northeast corner with purple façade.

Façade lit by color-changing LEDs.

A secondary entrance on the northwest corner is marked by a projection wall where large-scale artwork can be displayed.

Color-changing LED fixtures are affixed to the inside of the curtainwall. The light reflects back into the library entrance vestibule. The ground floor is actually slightly above grade, and accessed by concrete ramps and stairs; a glass wall by the stairs has a holographic film that allows it to double as a projection screen.

A green wall filters air before it returns into the HVAC system.

Farmers Market entry.

Reading atrium.

A major goal of the design was to connect the market and library as they never had been before. An atrium allows views between each—the best are from the library’s children’s section and perimeter circulation ramps. A glass firewall prevents the noise of the market from echoing into the quiet library beyond.

Exposed ductwork snakes under and around the newly reworked floor plates.

Reading room and display area

Library display.

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