Hollenbeck Police Station

A family walks through the community plaza in front of the new Hollenbeck Police Station, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles.

A glass façade is the trademark of the new Hollenbeck Police Station. In an effort to convey a more welcoming presence and foster better relationships with community members, the façade lends a transparency to the building during the day and acts as a lantern at night, discouraging crime in the immediate area and increasing the stationÕs street presence after dark.

Across the river from the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights is a culturally vibrant part of crime-ridden East Los Angeles. The area is full of brightly colored murals and houses, and small local businesses that cater to residents.

Large windows and bright colors dot the exterior of the building in contrast to the impermeable exterior of the old station. In front of the glass façade, a community plaza provides a space for local events and for the officers to interact with area residents.

The glass entrance façade allows ample daylight into the lobby, a major factor in the station's bid for LEED Gold certification.

The lobby serves multiple functions: reception, waiting area, and home to impromptu gatherings of officers and neighborhood residents. The glass-enclosed space gains additional security from the canted curtain wall, which is made up of large panes of bulletproof glass.

The holding cells are located in the booking area on the first floor. Here, in one of the few interior spaces that doesn't feature colored rubber flooring or natural light, security and durability are at a premium.

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