House of Air

House of Air is located in a former airfield in San Francisco, part of a burgeoning sports district that includes a bike shop, a rock-climbing gym, and a swimming pool.

The facility is marked by a 45-foot-long glass bifold door.

The open door allows passersby to see people training on three high-performance trampolines.

View out over the high-performance trampoline and through the bifold door.

Blue backlit Polygal walls brighten the interior and create brand identity. Pivot doors in the upper-level party rooms allow groups to shut off or take in the raucous atmosphere below.

Timeline display at entrance.

Skilift chairs suspended from catwalk.


Large field of trampolines in the rear of the space.

Catwalks provide access to upper-level party rooms and offices, but also afford views of all four trampoline areas: the Training Ground in the front, the green, net-enclosed dodgeball stadium and inflatable bounce-house in the middle, and the large blue field of trampolines in the rear.

Party room interior with blue Polygal wall.

Blue pivot door.

View out through pivot door.

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