Innovations: July/August 2008

Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have partnered to produce Tensotherm, an insulative fabric membrane roof system that uses Nanogel, a light insulation layer, to increase the material's thermal performance. The improved roof system insulates like standard roofing while continuing to offer freedom of form and natural daylighting. (800) 622-2246 / CIRCLE NO. 80 or

CYRO Industries' ACRYLITE HEATSTOP acrylic sheet is an infrared-reflecting polymethyl methacrylate that limits the amount of heat entering a building. ACRYLITE HEATSTOP sheets can lower average air-conditioning costs, lessen variations in brightness and be thermoformed to fit a variety of designs. (800) 631-5384 / CIRCLE NO. 81 or

Big Ass Fans' Element fan for commercial spaces uses a 10-airfoil and winglet design to move air quietly and powerfully while using less than 100 watts of energy. The fan creates comfortable breezes for spaces larger than a basketball court. Element operates silently and is available with optional lighting and a wireless controller. (877) 244-3267 / CIRCLE NO. 82 or

Solatube International Inc. has launched the Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System, designed to extend the hours of daylighting available for interior spaces. The tube is 21 inches (533 mm) in diameter. The system provides low-angle daylight harvesting and high-intensity sunlight rejection. (888) 765-2882 / CIRCLE NO. 83 or

Polyglass USA Kool Roof Solutions' new Polybrite coatings provide increased energy efficiency, strength, flexibility and protection for any roof system. The product deflects heat and UV rays while maintaining cool building temperatures. (800) 222-9782 / CIRCLE NO. 84 or

Enginuity and Sustain Dane created RainReserve to catch clean rainwater. The product attaches to downspouts and diverts rainwater into a rain barrel while allowing debris to pass through the gutter. It reduces mosquitoes; decreases maintenance; manages water overflow; and reduces the need to use potable water to water gardens, lawns and plants. (417) 668-5968 / CIRCLE NO. 85 or

Climate Automation Systems has released its env software system for indoor climate-control optimization of residential and moderate-scale commercial buildings. The technology, which balances indoor climate, calculates a temperature and HVAC-system output level that will achieve optimal occupant comfort and system efficiency. Users can adjust settings manually through the Internet. (404) 831-2762 / CIRCLE NO. 86 or

FLIR Systems Inc.'s B-250 and B-200 infrared cameras use picture-in-picture FUSION-the infrared image is overlaid over the corresponding visible image-to allow for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. The cameras, which are highly sensitive to humidity and moisture, take high-resolution photos for accuracy. (800) 464-6372 / CIRCLE NO. 87 or

Berner Energy Recovery Inc. has introduced a water-source condenser/heat pump option as part of its line of 100 percent outside air TRICOIL and desiccant energy-recovery ventilation systems. The product primarily is used in commercial facilities utilizing geothermal HVAC technology. TRICOIL technology reduces outside air tonnage requirements to 33 percent of conventional systems. (800) 479-0988 / CIRCLE NO. 88 or

JER Envirotech International has collaborated with the National Research Council of Canada to develop wood/plastic biocomposite compounds using organic fiber byproducts and recycled plastics. By mixing plastic, wood and agricultural waste, the end-composite product is a strong, waterproof, warp-free material resistant to rot, mold and insects. (604) 940-9262 / CIRCLE NO. 89 or

EARTHcrete by Sonoma Cast Stone uses a high amount of recycled materials, such as paper fiber, glass and ceramics, in place of portland cement to make concrete. EARTHcrete is a family of concrete mixes that varies according to the performance required for specific applications. (888) 807-9117 / CIRCLE NO. 90 or

The ModCon Commercial Condensing Boiler from Heat Transfer Products features a high-grade Inconel, load-matching gas burner with a five-to-one turndown ratio to meet variable needs for space heating and domestic hot water. The boilers can be stacked two at a time; controls permit built-in redundancy for constant heat. (800) 323-9651 / CIRCLE NO. 91 or

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