Innovations: June 2008

EnviroGLAS products are made from recycled and reclaimed materials. The line consists of EnviroSLAB countertops, EnviroPLANK flooring tiles, EnviroTRAZ poured-in-place terrazzo, EnviroSCAPE landscaping aggregate, and EnviroMODE countertops and flooring. Products are made of 75 percent recycled glass and/or porcelain and 25 percent epoxy resin binder, which contains no VOCs. (972) 473-3725 / CIRCLE NO. 80 or

GreenRoo, an industrial-duty turbine ventilator, provides an airflow of 5,000 to 10,000 cubic feet (142 to 283 m3) per minute without the use of electricity; the ventilator is powered by wind. It is designed with a Varipitch component to make it compatible with any roof slope. Throat diameter sizes are 12, 24 and 36 inches (305, 610 and 914 mm), and the product weighs less than 70 pounds (32 kg). The ventilator is made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance. (904) 241-9944 / CIRCLE NO. 81 or

Johnson Controls has updated its Metasys building-management system to support end-to-end wireless building infrastructure. The system includes new software features that organize and interpret critical data, as well as allow monitoring and control from any Web-enabled device. Various system components now can communicate wirelessly without any added hardware. (414) 524-4946 / CIRCLE NO. 82 or

Smith Fong Co., manufacturer of Plyboo bamboo architectural plywood and flooring, has had its products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. No irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers are used in growing the bamboo. It also is formaldehyde free and easy to install. (866) 835-9859 / CIRCLE NO. 83 or

The PVP30kW commercial inverter from PV Powered Inc. expands module compatibility and increases total system energy harvest. The inverter works with all photovoltaic modules currently on the market. A refined power-point tracking algorithm identifies the optimal power point quickly and accurately. In addition, new cabinet features enable easy installation. (541) 312-3832 / CIRCLE NO. 84 or

EcoTimber's Woven Bamboo flooring for homes and businesses looks like hardwood and reportedly is harder than than other bamboo flooring products. The flooring can be sanded and refinished; is formulated for durability, flexibility and adhesion; and has low-moisture content. It is made without urea-formaldehyde and meets the California Air Resources Board E1 environmental standards for IAQ. (415) 258-8454 / CIRCLE NO. 85 or

The EnerLume-EM from Enerlume Energy Management Corp. ensures a ballast draws power for lighting only when it is most efficient. It does this by timing when a ballast is on the sine-wave cycle. This device, used for new and existing fluorescent lighting systems, reduces energy consumption by about 15 percent without loss of light. (203) 848-2339; CIRCLE NO. 86 or

The Shapes line from 3form is a toolkit of pre-designed and fully configurable resin panels featuring compound, undulating curves, peaks and valleys. The panels, which are available in continuous pattern, sculptural form and twist, provide distinctive aesthetic options. Shapes can be edge-matched for more intimate installations. (800) 726-0126 / CIRCLE NO. 87 or

The UNA-CLAD SC-1 extruded aluminum sunscreen system from Firestone Metal Products can be customized with a selection of blade types, outrigger profiles, wall-attachment options and custom-fabrication capabilities. Blade options include welded or mechanically attached pieces that can be set to any angle and spaced as required. Pre-engineered standard systems also are available. (800) 426-7737; CIRCLE NO. 88 or

VELUX America has introduced a solar-water-heating system that reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by not operating with fossil fuels. Two to three rooftop solar panels integrate with roof lines. Hot-water holding tanks are available in 80- and 120-gallon (303- and 454-L) sizes. (800) 888-3589; CIRCLE NO. 89 or

Envirocoatings' Ceramic InsulCoat exterior wall and roof products contain Cerylium, which helps prevent heat loss and gain and protects against extreme coastal or desert weather conditions. The product, which has insulating qualities, can be applied to metal or wood and is elastic to prevent cracking and peeling. Its acrylic, water-based formulation does not contain formaldehyde. Two coats are required; the first dries to the touch within 30 minutes and the second coat can be applied two hours later. (888) 792-4411 / CIRCLE NO. 90 or

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.'s Quantum whole-building lighting- and energy-management solution gives building owners and facility managers control of a building's lighting system. Owners and managers also can configure, monitor, analyze and report about lighting and other energy data the system collects, including light levels and power sensors. Quantum manages the Lutron EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control system and Lutron Sivoia Quiet Electronic Device shading system, as well as other Lutron products, from one dedicated personal computer. (610) 282-3800 / CIRCLE NO. 91 or

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