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Inside the building's triangular form, a large courtyard creates casual touchdown spaces.

The MD Building's triangular form capitalizes on its placement adjacent to two major pedestrian crossroads to capture the attention of passersby.

First-floor plan, Palomar College.

Second-floor plan, Palomar College.

Third-floor plan, Palomar College.

Courtyard section, Palomar College.

Classrooms are equipped with operable windows on two sides to allow in daylight. To prevent glare, these windows are fitted with high-performance, low-E glass and operable shades.

Overhangs of the interior couryard help filter light.

The 110,000-gross-square-foot MD Building includes space for physiology, anthropology, psychology, religious studies, economics, multicultural studies, legal studies, and business management, as well as other disciplines.

While common areas are carpeting, classrooms and laboratories feature linoleum flooring.

All furniture was specified with high-performance finishes, recycled content, and strategies for waste-stream diversion in mind.

Palomar Community College.

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