Kilden Curved Façade

The geometric, dark-gray aluminum panels cladding the building’s rear and side elevations juxtapose the warmth and curves of the Kilden Performing Arts Center’s main façade, which emulates a rippling stage curtain or the wooden hulls of ships pulling into harbor.

The straight edge of Kilden's roof aligns with the edge of the harbor.

Three-dimensional section of the structure supporting the façade.

Section through Kilden's multipurpose hall

First-floor plan

Second-floor plan

Designtoproduction ensured the curved glulam beams within each of 126 furring and wall elements could be milled from the same curved parent beam.

Exploded axon of a furring and façade element

CNC machines cut seat cuts into each of the curved beams.

The curved beams were fabricated by Swiss timber consultant Blumer-Lehmann.

The façade curves draw visitors into the performance halls as if they wer "being sucked in a cave," ALA partner Samuli Woolston says.

The 10-millimeter gaps between the oak planks had a 2-millimeter tolerance.

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