Kimball Art Center

Kimball Art Center

Twisting façade formed from stacked, reclaimed timbers.


Massing diagram: Existing Kimball Art Center

Massing diagram: Two new galleries top out at 80 feet, the height of the historic Coalition Building, which was, until it burned down in the 1980s, Park City's tallest building.

Massing diagram: Street-level gallery, which is oriented to the city's existing grid.

Massing diagram: Sky Gallery, which is oriented toward Heber Avenue, the more recent gateway to the city.

Massing diagram: Twisting volume that accomodates directional shift

Massing diagram: Program, identifying the restaurant and administrative spaces sandwiched between the two new galleries, and the education spaces housed in the existing art center structure.


Interior stair leading to upper levels.

Restaurant, overlooking the lobby space below.

Performance venue.


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