King's Cross Station Western Concourse

The glass, steel, and aluminum diagrid roof of the new Western Concourse at King’s Cross station spans out from a central woven funnel.

Underneath the 74-meter open span, passengers move through a plaza filled with shops, access the busy King’s Cross/St. Pancras Underground station, and purchase tickets for the trains that depart from the platforms beyond.

The curving roof plane of the new Western Concourse extends in an uninterrupted 74-meter radius from this central stalk.

View of the Western Concourse main floor from the mezzanine level.

In the Western Concourse, a sinuous mezzanine level hosts restaurants and shops and follows the same curving geometry as the station’s roof structure.

Lined with shops and restaurants, the mezzanine also has a pedestrian footbridge at one end that connects passengers to the train platforms in the station’s historic main train shed beyond.

The underside of the mezzanine level in the new Western Concourse at King's Cross station is lined with 5 million white ceramic tiles, coated to repel dirt.

To the east of the Western Concourse, and accessed by a new series of gates at the southern end, are the train platforms in the station’s main train shed. John McAslan Partners is overseeing restoration and refurbishment in this space as well: The reglazing of the barrel-vaulted roof is expected to be completed later this summer.

Pedestrian footbridge offering mid-track access to the passenger trains in the Main Train Shed.

Entrance to the rail offices in the redeveloped Eastern Range, which was completed in 2009.

New circulation was added to access different parts of the station over the course of the multi-stage redevelopment.

The building’s curving form was designed to complement (and, in fact, fit into) the curve of the adjacent Great Northern Hotel, which was designed by the same architect and completed two years after the historic station.

King's Cross station redevelopment master plan

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