Lanxi Curtilage by Archi-Union Architects

Archi-Union based its design of the Lanxi Curtilage on nature as well as on traditional Chinese architecture. The sweeping silhouette of the building’s roof symbolizes rolling mountains and rivers, and alludes to the traditional sloping roof. Meanwhile, the ripple wall memorializes the movement of water.

The Lanxi Curtilage features a restaurant, private club, and series of courtyards.

The brick coursing pattern creates a three-dimensional visual effect.

Joints (shown as black) in the brick pattern are staggered to create opaque wall sections and then widen to become “hollow,” portraying the rippling movement of water.

The masonry courses alternate at varying depths to create a play of light and shadow across the wall surface.

The brick walls comprise two wythes of masonry that sandwich the building columns.

The coursing pattern corresponds with the level of privacy for a given area in the curtilage.

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