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A Mix-Ready concrete pigment in "Outback" Davis Colors Pigment comes in a bag that disintegrates during mixture, leaving no additional waste and ensuring an even spread of colors • Mix-rate calculator shows how much pigment is needed for desired color • One to five pounds of mix are added per 94 pounds of cement • Works with Portland cement, fly ash, silica fume, lime, and other cement materials, but not with aggregate or sand • Custom colors achieved by mixing available colors B 795 silicone building sealant in charcoal Dow Corning One-part, cold-applied silicone cures to medium modulus silicone rubber • Can move 50 percent in either direction • 32 ppi peel strength and 45 psi tensile strength • Water resistant • 12 standard colors plus custom options

A Royal Flush II Pendent Concealed fire sprinklers Tyco Quick- and standard-response sprinklers with a 5.6 K-factor • Flat cover plate conceals the sprinkler • Cover can be removed without shutting down and draining the system • Vertically flexible up to 1/2 inch • Optional air and dust seal keeps a drop ceiling sealed off from the main spac B Enviroseal 20 sealant BASF Clear, water-based, 20 percent silane penetrating sealer for horizontal or vertical spaces • Protects against moisture and chloride intrusion • Can be applied to concrete, hard-burnt brick, stucco, brick pavers, and unglazed tiles • Concrete applications include architectural, exposed aggregate, glass-fiber reinforced, and precast • Does not alter surface appearance • USDA compliant for nonfood contact areas • Water repellent

A Interior paint Frazee Paint Paint options include low VOC, water soluble, and low odor, in a variety of finishes • Envirokote is the greenest line of Frazee paints, with zero VOCs • Green Seal certified in flat, eggshell, and semigloss formulations • 100 percent acrylic and antimicrobial to protect paint film • Dries to the touch in one hour, and to recoat in four to five hours B 4133 surface-mounted pocket roller shades MechoShade Systems Surface mount hides the roller • 2-inch closure for manual shade or 3-inch opening for motorized shades • Pocket measures 5 inches high and 4 3/4 inches deep • Optional pocket end cap • Can be used with a variety of fabric options

A WRDA 64 concrete admixture Grace Construction Products Low water content with an 8 to 10 percent reduction makes the concrete stronger and more plastic • Contains no calcium chloride • Weighs approximately 10.1 pounds per gallon • Ideal for concrete with fly ash or other pozzolans • Used in ready-mix plants, block and concrete product plants, and lightweight and prestressed concrete work B Sikafl ex-15LM sealant Sika Sarnafil Low-modulus, one-component sealant • Nonsag elastomeric sealant with polyurethane base • Can be used in EIFS systems and for moving joints in vertical systems • Capable of positive 100 percent and negative 50 percent joint movement • Tack-free in three to six hours; fully cured in seven to 10 days • Cut and tear resistan C TREMDrain drainage board Tremco Two-part, prefabricated drainage material and protection board • Made of polystyrene core with a nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric • Water passes to core but soil particles are blocked • Gives high-capacity flow to the drainage system • Part of Tremco’s drainage system • Vertically installed • Requires a minimum compacted-soil backfill of 6 inches D Yosemite Series landscape lighting B-K Lighting Uses T6 metal halide lamps in 35 watts or 70 watts • Clear, tempered glass lens is factory sealed • Class A powder-coat finishes in eight standard colors plus many premium options • Uses B-K’s Interchangeable Optics Modules, which allow for spot, flood, or wall-wash reflectors • Seven ballast options in two voltages • Three cutoff accessories • No internal condensation

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