Matrix Gateway Complex

Situated in a cove on the Dubai waterfront, the Matrix Gateway Complex is a 180-meter mixed-use cube that rests above the water and in between two landmasses. A road passes through the center of the mega-building, and boats can pass under the exterior walls of the cube, which is adjacent to a 1-million-square-foot park.

The roadway that cuts through the 3-million-square-foot structure connects the neighboring landmasses. Because the road is a main thoroughfare, it will ensure that the cube is an integral part of the local infrastructure.

A 3D model of the structure shows the network of concrete cores (red) and tension columns (green) organized into an 18-meter grid that supports the structure. To account for the high winds that are common in the region, team members conducted studies to visualize the truss and core deflection with high winds blowing from different directions.

The interior is organized into a series of cores and terraces of space, organized by typology. Urban infrastructure includes the boat dock, roadway, parking, and a helipad. Beyond that, there also is space for office, hotel, residential, recreation, and cultural areas, essentially creating a small city—complete with green space—within the solar-screened walls.

The solar screening on the exterior walls helps filter the desert area’s intense sunlight and limit heat gain, and solar panels embedded within the screens also generate energy. The cooling effects of the Persian Gulf and the system of waterfalls, combined with shading, will help control the temperature inside. Modules of programmed space hang from five central cores and are connected by walkways and green spaces.

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