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A Formabond panels Centria  Metal composite wall panel system • Available in three styles: 6mm R and R, 8mm InterPlank, and 8mm R and R • All three available in three finishes: Fluorofinish, Mica, and Metallic • Standard lengths up to 60 inches, custom up to 180 inches • Weather-tight construction • 0.032-inch aluminum face and liner B Solarban 80 glass PPG Low-E glass with a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.24 • Visible light transmittance is 47 percent • Creates a true-color reflection of the surrounding area when exterior glazing is in direct sunlight • Can be paired with Optiblue glass in the interior lite for a visible light transmittance of 34 percent • Features a metallic green-gray exterior tint when combined with Optiblue

A CS-260 performated metal panels Centria Concealed fastener metal wall panel • Part of the Concept series • Panels come standard with 12-inch height, 7/8-inch width • Each rib is 1/6 inches wide • Finish options include Duraguard, Durabuard Plus, Fluorofinish, Metallic 3-coat, and Mica 2-coat • Available with MicroSeam corners

A Raised flooring system Tate Access Floors Modular raised flooring system creates an underfloor plenum for HVAC, electrical systems and data cabling • Available product lines include Concore, All Steel, Woodcore, and aluminum systems B Four-inch straight wall base Roppe PVC-free • Made from 10 percent natural rubber • Color is inherent throughout • Finish corner pieces available • Pinnacle line has profiles in half-inch increments between 2 1/2 and 6 inches • Vinyl base options are also available

A My Studio Environments office system Herman Miller Steel-framed system finished with glass, paint, or veneer cladding • In-frame technology distribution • System is 69 percent recyclable and contains 30 percent recycled content • Low-E and Greenguard certified • Inverted approach has the highest walls on the perimeter, with central spine walls being the lowest • Curved outside corners designed to make space feel larger

A Techstyle ceiling panels Hunter Douglas Contract Panels available as lay-in or clipped ceiling profiles • Standard finsihes include white, off-white, and black • Standard 15/16-inch T-grid has a narrow 1/4-inch reveal • System has a comparative noise reduction coefficient of 0.85 and a sound absorption average of 0.89 • Tiles weigh 1/4-pound per square foot and contain 7 percent recycled content B Solarban 60 glass PPG Solar control low-E glass • Solar heat gain coefficient of 0.38, with a visible light transmittance of 70 percent • Functions independently as clear glass, but can be combined with tinted or reflective glass in the outboard lite • Can contribute to up to four possible LEED points C Flexshades window shading system Draper Fixed-frame shade panels • Extruded aluminum frame • Frame finishes include dark bronze, white, or mill-finished aluminum • Standard sizes go up to 5 feet by 10 feet • Openness factors range from 3 percent to 23 percent

A Movable wall system DIRTT Environmental Solutions Acronym stands for "Do It Right This Time" • Pre-engineered, pre-manufactured wall sytems • Available systems include movable, faceted, and stick-built • Movable walls come in glass or solid finishes B Dressed to Kill modular carpet tile Shaw Contract Recently redesigned to include new patterns and colors • 24-inch square tiles • Solutia Ultron color BCF nylon • Available with EcoWorx backing • Pattern shown, Dinner Jacket, is no longer available as a standard pattern, but can be custom ordered

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