Missouri Bank Branches

Sited in Kansas City’s burgeoning arts district, the Crossroads branch of Missouri Bank is located in a former auto-repair shop that dates back to the 1920s. Instead of tearing it down, the team from Helix turned it into a sleek new bank branch that caters to many of the artists and gallery owners that comprise the bank’s client base. Integrating art into these projects is a priority for Missouri Bank; bank CEO Grant Burcham purchased a pair of back-to-back billboards—that have towered over the building for many years—and has changed them into art-boards. Working with local group the Charlotte Street Foundation, Burcham and a team of employees choose from submissions by local artists. Winners are displayed on the art-boards and changed every three months.

Missouri Bank, Crossroads branch drive-through

Inside, local artist Adam Jones milled flooring out of pine salvaged from a barn in Polo, Mo., and boards for the storefront from staves salvaged from holding tanks at a defunct Speas Vinegar plant.

Missouri Banks Crossroads Branch Floor Plan

Missouri Bank has been located in the same downtown Kansas City headquarters building for 27 years. Helix renovated the former dry-goods store in 2008, creating a space composed of a ground-level customer area, with offices and conference rooms on the mezzanine level above.

Missouri Banks Downtown Branch Floor Plan

Missouri Bank Brookside Branch

The Brookside branch, which opened in 2010, is the most recent project that Helix has completed for Missouri Bank. It adapted another auto-related building (this time a car dealership dating to the 1930s) into a combination walk-up–drive-through banking center, turning the former service bays into a throughway for cars that runs down the center of the building.

Inside, a skylight provides natural light to the teller area, and where there are interior walls, Helix used glass partitions that promote the idea of transparency that has been central to the company’s mission.

Missouri Bank Brookside branch floor plan

Dream Mural in the drive-through, by local artist Scott Gobber.

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