Morale Will Improve

Mithun’s Seattle office is housed in a former industrial pier, a 35,000-square-foot space that was vacant when the firm began restoring it in 1998. The structure features an open floor plan and unobstructed views of Puget Sound.

The Periscope, located along Main Street, the primary walkway that runs through Mithun’s Seattle office, has a Skype connection to the San Francisco office. Employees walking by often catch up with their remote colleagues.

A set of clocks in the Seattle office capture Mithun’s quirky humor and poke fun at the impersonal nature of major international firms with outposts in multiple time zones.

Mithun has three company hybrid cars at the Seattle office, including a Honda Insight nicknamed Buzz. A Toyota Prius is named Ohmr, after the firm’s founder, Omer Mithun.

The firm values continued education, spending $40,000 last year on Mithuniversity, a series of classes often held during lunchtime.

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