More Cupcakes

At More Cupcakes, a new store in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood that was designed by David Woodhouse Architects, the humble cupcake is treated like the main design object of an otherwise minimal, meticulously detailed interior.

The custom-designed cupcake stand is made from stainless steel supports; fronted by 1/2-inch glass, the cupcakes sit on custom-molded 3form resin panels, each of which has carefully routed inset circles where the cupcakes can rest, ensuring proper spacing.

The main retail space is dominated by glass-topped custom bamboo plywood counters and cabinetry.

Site Plan

The small storefront where More Cupcakes leased space for its flagship store has strict guidelines about signage--only a black awning with the logo is allowed. As for changes to the facade: In short, there can't be any. So the design team created a well-lit interior environment, with ambient light as well as the Greg Mowery-designed neon installation (meant to evoke swirls of butter) behind the counter to draw in customers.

In pursuing the strategy of a bakery that doesn't look like a bakery, one thing the team did not want to sacrifice was the cachet that each cupcake is made on-site. A frosted glass door shielding the kitchen allows customers to see shadows of chefs, smell the baking cake, and hear the whir of the mixers, without seeing spilled flour and messy pastry bags.

Detail Through Cupcake Display

Floor Plan

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