Nest House, Disaster Areas Worldwide

The Nest House provides prefabricated disaster housing that is a viable alternat ive to FEMA trailers. Each unit can be shipped in a single shipping container. When fully expanded, the house has two bedrooms and a sunshaded outdoor living space. Endeavoring to be environmentally responsible, the architects specified FSC-certified wood for the sunshades and decking.

Once delivered to the site, the house is easily unfolded and extruded to form a complete unit. Materials for the foundation and furniture can be packaged inside for transport. Once the house is set up, it is semipermanent. The sunshades fold down and the deck folds up to form secure storm shutters in the case of a repeat natural disaster.

Once installed, the unit contains two private bedrooms, with storage; a shared bathroom with a working shower; and a common space that includes a kitchen, room for a dining table, and a small living area. The porch adds an additional 350 square feet of outdoor living space.

Residents can easily move the sunshades up and down. The up position creates a shady living space in warm, sunny climates. The down position provides privacy in dense communities of Nest Houses.

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